Barmy Army trumpeter returns to Gabba to blow his Ashes horn

Thursday, November 25, 2010

BRISBANE - Genteel Barmy Army trumpeter Billy Cooper will lead England’s clarion call as an official Ashes entertainer.

The classically trained musician returned to the Brisbane Cricket Ground today where he’ll be treated more like a star than a yobbo.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Cooper will be part of the entertainment package during the Ashes series, and is the only fan accredited at the sold-out Gabba allowed to bring a musical instrument.

Cooper’s treatment is in stark contrast to the 2006-07 series opener when he lasted less than a session after another army member smuggled the trumpet in and he was arrested for playing a song.

The tune - the theme from England’s favourite Aussie soap, Neighbours.

Glad to branch out after Cricket Australia saw the error of its heavy-handed ways, part of Cooper’s extended repertoire will include well-known movie theme songs for England’s most inspiring players.

Cooper and the 1000-member Barmy Army, now a commercial partner with Cricket Australia, will be sitting in their own designated section, while countless other English fans will be scattered around the ground. (ANI)

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