Warne’s ’shiny’ makeover sets tongues wagging!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

MELBOURNE - Shane Warne’s new looks have become the talk of the town.

The spin legend has left everyone awestruck with amazingly improved looks on his teeth, tan, hair tips and thinness.

Warne’s appearance on the Ashes coverage and the first episode of his own chat show ‘Warnie’ last week revealed plenty of action behind the scenes.

His teeth are whiter than piano keys, and look even brighter against his tandoori tan and the blond tips in the hair positively sparkle under the studio lights and he’s slim enough to inspire jokes about raiding his mum’s medicine cabinet again.

Plastic surgeons said there was no sign of any nips and tucks but do rule not rule out the possibility of little Botox at some places.

“There’s no sign of recent surgery, that’s not to say he’s never had anything done. He’s had his teeth whitened which would most likely have been done through laser whitening or he’s had veneers put on,” News.com.au quoted a plastic surgeon from Bondi, Robert Drielsma, as saying.

Other surgeons delivered a frank assessment on Warnie’s looks.

“He’s not a masterpiece but he’s got a nice face. His teeth are too shiny - they’re overdone. You put some black bits in there and he’d look like a piano,” said Sydney plastic surgeon Howard Torres. (ANI)

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