Johnson’s action and confidence is low: Stuart Clark

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SYDNEY - Former Australian fast bowler Stuart Clark believes that left-arm quick Mitchell Johnson’s confidence is low and so is his action, i.e. his front arm is pulling away from his body and this is causing his wrist to be more horizontal rather than vertical.

He says in a write-up for the Sydney Morning Herald that for the Australians, the biggest issue appears to be the drastic drop in confidence of Mitchell Johnson.

“Much has been made of Mitch’s low arm action since he first came into the team and many have suggested that it is near impossible for him to swing the ball away from the left-hander - but everyone knows he can because of the devastation he caused to the South African top order when Australia last toured there,” says Clark.

“Only wickets will banish the demons from within. I am not sure leaving Mitch out of the Adelaide Test is the best option at present, but I can guarantee you that a selector coming out and stating that he is on borrowed time will help,” Clark adds.

As far as England is concerned, their bowling attack has put up several questions marks.

The visitors took only 11 wickets for the match, six of them by Steve Finn.

Clark said that he was also disappointed with the Gabba wicket.

“A pitch generally described by most players as the best in the world was flat and devoid of pace. There was limited cracking and the surface was not abrasive enough for the ball to go reverse. My spies tell me that wicket No. 3 was used and its record suggest it’s the most lifeless on the square. It has always been the players’ belief that administrators want lifeless wickets to ensure matches last five days,” Clark said. (ANI)

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