Haider’s threats to expose corrupt worries PCB

Monday, December 6, 2010

KARACHI - Runaway Pakistani wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haider’s threats to expose Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials involved in corruption has left the cricketing fraternity in the country worried.

Following the bizarre episode in which Haider had disappeared from his team hotel in Dubai, only to resurface in London and seek asylum there, the PCB had terminated Haider’s contract and formed a fact-finding committee- headed by team manager Intikhab Alam, team security manager Khawaja Najam and PCB official Subhan Ahmed- to establish the facts surrounding his disappearance.

“We have reviewed the report of the fact-finding committee that was formed to investigate into Haider’s decision to leave the team hotel, and we will soon be contacting him in this regard,” the Daily Times quoted a board official, as saying.

The fraternity is also worried that fresh controversies could leave Pakistan cricket in a very precarious position, especially with the International Cricket Council (ICC) pressurising it to reform the cricket system.

“The 2011 World Cup is around the corner and these unconfirmed reports about some countries having reservations over playing against us in the future tour programme because of the spot-fixing scandal are worrisome,” a former Test player said.

Haider had claimed he was threatened by people who wanted him to fix matches during the ODI series against South Africa.

“Just wait for two more days, and I will come out with everything. Right now, I am just waiting because of the threats made to my family in Lahore,” Haider said from London.

“I hate corruption and I can’t stay silent for long,” Haider said. “I just want the government to assure security for my family. All the people who are questioning my integrity and intention right now will know the truth soon,” he added.

Haider said no sane person in his right mind would ever sacrifice his international cricket career just to seek asylum in a foreign country.

“Only I know about the circumstances in which I decided to leave the team hotel and reach London. I had made to the national team and there was no reason for me to put my career at stake.”

A few days back, Haider had said: “I am just waiting for my hearing as before that I cannot say much, as I am bound by laws… I will reveal everything.”

“So much has been said about me that I have taken huge sums of money which is really annoying. Just wait for five days and I will disclose to the whole world the names of those involved with the bookies,” he had added. (ANI)

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