‘Loner’ Federer credits coach for re-igniting his flagging career

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LONDON - Roger Federer has said that taking on a coach after years of going it alone on the world circuit has helped reignite his career.

After failing to win the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, Federer brought his year to a memorable climax by beating world No1 Rafael Nadal to win the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals and the one million pound prize.

That was achieved with the help of Paul Annacone, who fine-tuned Federer’s game at a time when Nadal reigned supreme, The Daily Express reports.

“He was something new, something different. I actually don’t mind criticism or new input. But I didn’t feel I always needed a coach because it is important to listen to your internal feelings and not let yourself be guided the whole time in your life. Eventually you have to grow up and do it yourself,” said Federer.

“I got to world No1, which I thought was huge, all alone, without any kind of assistance. In the end I did it myself which makes me very proud,” he said.

“Now I am seeking a way back to the very top. I never wanted to jump from one coach to another and I never will. But now I have some assistance and input when I need it and that, I feel, will help me go for it again next year,” Federer said.

Federer also confessed to the hurt he felt at losing the Grand Slam titles that defined him as one of the greatest players of all time. (ANI)

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