Chinese officials denies corruption allegations related to Asian Games

Monday, December 27, 2010

BEIJING - Senior officials of the host city Guangzhou have said that the recent Asian Games and the Asian Para Games were conducted honestly and within the budget.

The 16th Asian Games took place in Guangzhou from November 12 to November 27 while the Asian Para Games opened on December 12 and ended on December 19.

The China Daily quoted Wan Qingliang, Mayor of the city, as saying that the major events were conducted within the budget limit, and no cases of corruption have been found.

Wan made the remarks in response to rumours that the city had spent beyond its budget to ensure spectacular and successful games.

Wan said that the city had spent more than 123 billion Yuan (18 billion dollars) on the two events, but “the investment, the great majority of which went to the city’s infrastructure, has never gone beyond budget. The two games, which won widespread praise from participating countries and regions, were so far the largest of their kind in history. But they were actually economical.”

“The city government always adhered to the principle of organizing the Asian Games and the Asian Para Games industriously and frugally,” he added.

Meanwhile, Zhang Weicheng, Deputy Secretary of the Guangzhou commission for discipline inspection, also said that there were no corruption cases involving the construction of games venues and related projects.

“The Asian Games and the Asian Para Games were clean as all the games-related projects were conducted in a transparent manner,” he added.

According to official statistics, only about 13 billion Yuan had been invested in construction and maintenance of games venues and facilities and for the staging of the two events.

The Guangzhou government said the other 109 billion Yuan was spent on the city’s overall infrastructural upgrade, including the construction of new metro lines and stations, highways and bridges. (ANI)

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