Ashley Cole left ‘close to tears’ as Cheryl celebrates NY’s with new lover

Monday, January 3, 2011

LONDON - Love-rat Ashley Cole was left heartbroken after ex-wife Cheryl Cole jetted off with alleged lover Derek Hough to join a New Year’s Eve bash in South Africa.

They went to Cape Town hours after the ‘X Factor’ beauty exchanged Christmas gifts with the footballer.

Ashley was left shattered as pics of the pair confirmed their deepening relationship.

“Ashley has realised things have moved on - and he is heartbroken,” the Sun quoted a source as saying.

“He knows he is the one who screwed up,” the source added.

X Factor beauty Cheryl divorced the England ace last year after a string of his alleged affairs revealed.

Meanwhile Hough showed his love by buying a 10,000 pounds diamond bracelet for Cheryl.

And the pop star was sporting it as the dancer accompanied her to a lavish New Year bash thrown by a property mogul.

A witness described Cheryl and Hough as “comfortable and happy” together - though not “openly affectionate”.

But it was too much for Chelsea defender Cole, even though he is now dating American model Kayla Collins.

“He was close to tears. It looks more and more like Cheryl and Derek are officially an item,” the source said. (ANI)

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