White loses faith in his spin bowling after having torrid time against India

Monday, February 14, 2011

SYDNEY - After having tough time against India-five wickets at an average of 68.40 - Cameron White has confirmed he has lost faith in his leg spin bowling and has no immediate ambition to regain it.

Leg-spin was the discipline that got White his Test debut in 2008 against India, but a tough time against them triggered a collapse in his confidence, to the point that he almost completely refused to bowl himself when leading Victoria.

White has bowled only 15 overs for the season in first-class cricket, while in one-day internationals he has not bowled for his past 50 matches, last being used in the one-off match against Scotland in August 2009, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Previously, White’s usual response to questions about his leg-spin was that he was still working on it in training.

In the lead-up to the opening practice match against India ahead of the World Cup, he admitted he was content playing as a specialist batsman.

“No doubt I have to get back bowling at some stage, but at the moment I’m just concentrating on my batting,” White said.

“I just lost a bit of confidence in my bowling to be honest for one reason or another. I didn’t feel as confident as probably what I should have. I haven’t bowled for a while in international cricket, that’s for sure,” he said. (ANI)

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