Football Association is scared of Manchester United: Wigan boss

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LONDON - The Wigan owner has said that the Football Association is scared of Manchester United after ace striker Wayne Rooney escaped punishment despite TV footage clearly showed him assaulting midfielder James McCarthy.

Dave Whelan’s furious reaction came after he was informed that Rooney will not be banned for elbowing McCarthy.

“It sends out a terrible message. Something is wrong when a top international like Rooney is seen doing something like this, as clear as day, and is allowed to get away without being punished,” The Sun quoted Whelan, as saying.

“If it was any other club or player, you can bet your life he would have been sent off. But officials seem intimidated by the words ‘Rooney’ and ‘United’.

“Manchester United is allowed to get away with things the rest of us get pulled up for. And you can’t have one set of rules for one club and another for the rest,” Whelan said.

“I don’t care what the FA say about the matter being dealt with at the time by us getting a free-kick. They, and everyone else in football, know justice isn’t being served here.

“The FA will be delighted they can hide behind their rules and let Rooney off, as they are frightened of taking sanctions against him and his club,” he said.

The FA claims that they cannot act because referee Mark Clattenburg felt he took the appropriate action by awarding a free-kick.

Yet he did not even book Rooney for his assault. Now the England striker can play at Chelsea tonight instead of serving a three-match ban. (ANI)

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