WASHINGTON - An assistant coach for the Colorado Eagles professional hockey team has been suspended for the rest of the season after he stripped to express his anger at the referees.
Johnny McEntee Becomes Internet Sensation
HARTFORD ( Any one who has seen the latest video of Johnny McEntee has one question that what made officials make Johnny McEntee stay away from the field last year.

NEW YORK - The Boston Blazers lacrosse team has caused fury among their fans after scantily clad dancers performed a lap dance on their mascot during halftime.

WELLINGTON - New Zealand cricket umpire Billy Bowden shocked the sporting world when he took home the winning ball from the Ashes as a souvenir five years ago - and last week it appeared he had done it again.

LONDON - After making Australia dance to their tune in their historic Ashes triumph in Melbourne, England broke into a "sprinkler" celebration dance which has become a huge hit with the fans.
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