Lance Armstrong Ready For 10th Stage

By Ipsit, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lance Armstrong

CHAMBERY, FRANCE ( Lance Armstrong who met with three crashes on Sunday is looking forward to the 10th stage of Tour De France which starts July 14. Lance Armstrong also recalls his days seven years back when he made a cut through the field to save himself from the crash.

The 10th stage of Tour De France shall have the cyclists ride their bike through La Rochette and they have to make three climbs before they reach the finish line. Lance Armstrong was upset after the Sunday crash and told the media that his chances in Tour De France are over. Lance Armstrong further said that he can now only try to help the team win stages. It is evident that the cyclist shall be alert in his bike and make sure that he stays off the fields this time. After the Sunday’s crash, Lance Armstrong went down in the standings which shattered his dreams of the eighth stage.

Besides Lance Armstrong there are also other two stage winners in the race namely Alexandre Vinokourov and Pierrick Fedrigo. The French fans are hoping to see a native rider take the lead on July 14 owing to the Bastille Day. As a matter of fact, its’ been long since the French fans have witnessed a win in the Bastille Day. Fans of Lance Armstrong are upset at his performance but that doesn’t make him feel low. Lance Armstrong told the media that there are no tears for him. He had a lot of “good years” here and everybody is aware of the fact. So there shouldn’t be any complaining as he is no role model and no role model is perfect.

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