Scot golfer hits two holes-in-one, in half a round

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

STONEHAVEN - An amateur Scottish golfer has beaten odds of 67 million to one by scoring two holes-in-one in a single round of golf.

The remarkable golfing double - four times more unlikely than winning the Lotto jackpot - was achieved by Adam Smith, a seven-handicap golfer, while playing in the winter league at Stonehaven Golf Club last weekend, the Scotsman reports.

Smith, 47, a technician with Aberdeenshire Council, revealed that he had been considering giving his Saturday round a miss after his regular playing partner, Ian Harrison, had to call off because of a sore ankle.

He said: “I did think about whether I would go along - but I’m really glad I did.”

He set off instead with two senior members of the club, Keith Taylor, a retired teacher, and Tom Hyder, the former chief executive of Kincardine and Deeside District Council

Smith said: “When I hit the first shot of the day, a four iron at the 18th, I didn’t think the ball was in the hole as I could still see it. It must have been resting against the pin before it fell in, as half-way down the fairway I couldn’t see it any more.

“I took my putter on to the green just in case, but it was in the hole and I was delighted to have made my second ace in 15 years. My first was at the same 18th hole.”

Describing his remarkable second hole-in-one at the 7th, he added: “I played a lovely five iron, although it can be deceiving as it is a raised green and you can’t see the hole.

“One of my playing partners played a similar shot and when we got up there one ball was lying short and there was no ball to be seen on the green.

“I assumed the ball short of the green was mine, so my playing partner Keith Taylor walked up to the hole and punched his fist in the air. When Keith said it was my ball in the hole I just couldn’t believe it.”

Smith has been playing golf for 25 years, has been a member at Stonehaven - a par-66 course - since 1994. (ANI)

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