Akmal brothers facing disciplinary action for unsavoury pre-Hobart Test ‘histrionics’

Saturday, January 16, 2010

HOBART - Pakistan vice-captain Kamran Akmal and his brother Umar are facing disciplinary action for allegedly violating their central contracts during the controversy that prevailed before the Hobart Test against Australia.

According to reports, a Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official revealed that both brothers would be issued a notice to explain their behaviour, and claimed that they had no authority to talk to the media.

The PCB is unimpressed over Kamran repeatedly insisting that he was playing in Hobart despite the team hierarchy flying in reserve wicketkeeper Sarfraz Ahmad to replace him, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Similarly, Umar is also in the firing line as he had declared himself unfit for the Test and announced he would not play, which some Pakistani players believe he faked injury as a protest against his brother’s sacking.

Further drama came as the Pakistan team hierarchy attempted to close the door on the Kamran affair by gagging the wicketkeeper from making further comments to the media.

When asked to discuss his axing, Kamran said: “I cannot say anything. You must speak to the management if you want to speak to me.”

While team manager and selector Abdur Raquib said: “Kamran is not talking about this. There has been too much in the papers. The matter has been settled.” (ANI)

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