Paine injury shows Oz cricketing chiefs have taken leave of their senses: Roebuck

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SYDNEY - Noted cricket columnist Peter Roebuck has slammed Cricket Australia for organizing what he called a “poorly timed and irrelevant costume drama at the Gabba on Sunday night”, which resulted in a devastating injury to stand-by Australian wicketkeeper Tim Paine.

He said the event was silly, self-indulgent, and the governing body of the game in Australia, has taken leave of its senses.

Roebuck said that he was shocked and amazed to see Cricket Australia allowing Paine, a player held in high regard in all quarters, to risk body and bone in “some footling contest.”

He said that he was more baffled to know that the event was a season launch.

“If so, it was a little late as Australia has already played three matches,” Roebuck said in his syndicated column for the Sydney Morning Herald.

He also said that Dirk Nannes, one of the fastest bowlers around, doubtless was as puzzled as everyone else about the nature of the contest.

“If Paine was as angry as he was upset as he left the field, it’d hardly be surprising. Nor was the injury a fluke. When a speedster is unleashed on a damp pitch and encouraged to have a crack, the risk of breaks and bruises is high. When the cause is worthwhile, batsmen will cop it sweet. But don’t ask a bloke to show the same courage to satisfy a marketing man,” Roebuck said.

“Cricketers understand that injuries are part of the game, but it’s insulting to put them on the spot in such a ludicrous match. CA had a board member on the field and in the television box and if they have not already vowed to stop this nonsense, then heaven help us all,” he concludes. (ANI)

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