‘Lightweight’ Pak team’s performance awful : Roebuck

Sunday, January 17, 2010

HOBART - Noted cricket columnist Peter Roebuck has described the current Pakistan Test squad as a lightweight team, saying its performance have been ‘awful’ in the ongoing series Down Under.

Roebuck said after the Sydney Test, in which Pakistan came tantalisingly close to defeating the Kangaroos but tumbled amazingly, Pakistan should have shown some more resistance, rather they went down on their knees.

“Pakistan have disintegrated before our eyes. After Sydney it was always a possibility. Shattered teams are vulnerable. Moreover these tourists have shown little sign of cohesion. At times they were embarrassing. From the soft dropped catch in the first hour to the shambolic run-outs of two important batsmen, they were awful,” Roebuck said.

“No one with any respect for the giants of Pakistan cricket or any concern for a game in constant peril enjoyed watching the debacle. Australia played solid cricket, and their opponents did the rest,” Roebuck wrote in his column for the Sydney Morning Herald.

Roebuck pointed out that Pakistan have just wilted on this challenging tour.

He, however, said that amid the ruins, the Pakistani side has some likeable ingredients.

“No such optimism can be felt about a drifting Pakistan team containing some fine players but lacking the mettle required to answer this call. There is much to like about Mohammad Yousuf’s side,” Roebuck said.

“Mohammad Asif is a silky seamer capable of putting together the sort of spells that were Glenn McGrath’s trademark. Umar Gul is a strong speedster with an ox’s heart. A couple of the youngsters are promising. Salman Butt is a tidy opener prone to foolish lapses,” he added.

Roebuck blasted Pakistani skipper Mohammaed Yousuf for his reluctance to attack at the critical moment, saying he lacks conviction.

“All the evidence indicates that Pakistan cricket lacks the single-mindedness and maturity needed to pursue high standards. Agendas, bickering and individuality block the path forwards. All and sundry play by their own lights,” he said. (ANI)

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