Political interference from ‘illiterates’ behind Pak cricket’s sorry state: Boycott

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ISLAMABAD - The prime reason behind the sorry state of Pakistan cricket is that there are several cricket illiterate politicians who are at the helm of things, former England great Geoffrey Boycott has said.

Commenting on the recent controversies and turmoil surrounding the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Boycott said there is no dearth of talent in Pakistan, but too much interference from politicians has ruined the game.

“Sadly its the nature of the beast. Pakistan as a cricketing nation is steeped in history and has produced some wonderfully gifted cricketers over the years. However there are far too many politicians who know nothing about cricket who are interfering in cricketing affairs,” Boycott told PakPassion.net.

“Look at the recent case of Younus’ resignation and the match fixing allegations against him. Why don’t these people accept that cricketers are humans and that they cant play brilliantly all of the time and win every match,” the former England and Yorkshire batsman added.

He also charged former Pakistani players for issuing unnecessary statements against current cricketers for fulfilling their own agendas.

“There are a number of ex Pakistani players who have their own agendas who are making unnecessary and ridiculous statements out there. Those statements as far as I am concerned are for their own end and don’t help the current players at all,” Boycott said.

When asked that how he felt about the recent match-fixing allegations against former captain Younus Khan, Boycott said it was sad to see a player like Younus being accused of match-fixing.

“Younus is an honorable man and just because match fixing has occurred in the past, it doesnt mean that players are into match fixing in the modern day. Younus lives by a moral code and it was wrong that those accusations were made against him,” Boycott said. (ANI)

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