Cairns still trying to clear his name from ICL match fixing allegations

Sunday, May 23, 2010

JAKARTA - Former New Zealand all-rounder Chris Cairns has said that he is still struggling to clear his name and bring former Indian Premier League (IPL) commissioner Lalit Modi to court over match-fixing allegations in the Indian Cricket League (ICL).

The irony is that Modi faces allegations himself these days after being accused of a range of misdemeanours from rigging financial bids to betting and bribery.

“I’m currently an interested bystander. We are still trying to have Modi served with papers. We’re going through that process in India, but it takes time to get through the court system. We’re waiting for him, though,” The New Zealand Herald quoted Cairns, as saying.

“If he decides to go to the UK we’ll have him served there, but it is so difficult to know his movements - especially with all the turmoil he’s embroiled in. It’s frustrating, but we’ve initiated the process and just have to wait,” he added.

Cairns is aiming to issue proceedings and force Modi to produce evidence justifying the claims that prevented the all-rounder being part of the IPL auction in January.

The newly-wed 39-year-old will return to Dubai soon to pursue his fledgling career in the diamond industry.

“Cricket’s not part of my life at the moment. It’d be great to help out in a New Zealand capacity one day, but because of what has happened I’m a bit of a poisoned chalice, really,” Cairns said.

“I’m a realist though and I’m not going to put people in a compromising position. Once this situation with Modi is sorted out I’m more than happy to help,” he added. (ANI)

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