Vuvuzelas Here To Stay

By Sayantika Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, June 15, 2010


JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA ( Some called them to be a racket of “angry bees” and some turned the volume off on their television sets when they play their instrument. Anyone keeping a track on the World Cup must have heard of the Vuvuzelas. Reportedly, the Vuvuzelas has been the center of discussion for quite some time and if the ban orders aren’t imposed on them then it shall continue to be the same for the rest of the month.

Several networks covering the football World Cup have received complaints from the viewers about the Vuvuzelas which the football fans are blowing in unison. In short, the sound of the instruments are annoying but there is no one who would put a stop to this. Even Sepp Blatter who happens to be the President of FIFA has snubbed down all complainant reports which asked for a ban to be imposed upon the Vuvuzelas.

The FIFA president recently commented on a Twitter post after he rejected all complaints against the Vuvuzelas. In his post he wrote that he feels that the Vuvuzelas are a symbol of the traditional music of South Africa that adds a different charm to the spirit of football. As a matter of fact, the Vuvuzelas have played an important role in the soccer culture that is prevalent in South Africa. Even the local broadcasters of the event told the media that the Vuvuzelas are an indispensable component of the game which has to be captured alongside the football play. They are of the opinion that the Vuvuzelas are a fine match to the spirit of football and it shall be a loss if they omit it from the broadcast.

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