Now, Malaysian parakeet Meena predicts Spanish win in WC final

Sunday, July 11, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR - Meena Kutti is Malaysia’s own version of Paul the octopus and Mani the parakeet, is the latest to predict a Spanish victory in tonight’s World Cup final..

Meena Kutti, an 8-year-old green parakeet, is one of the last few birds still used by its owner, M.C. Mohan, to predict his customers’ fortunes.

Normally, she would predict one’s fortune in business or life, but due to the World Cup fever, many have dropped by for match tips.

When Mohan asked her whether the Netherlands or Spain would emerge triumphant, she did not hesitate to select a tiny envelope that stated La Furia Roja as the eventual winner, matching the prediction made by Paul, her famous German contemporary.

“She was born in India under unusual circumstances and I managed to purchase her for RM600,” the New Sunday Times quoted Mohan, as saying.

The 49-year-old fortune teller said he had been offered more than RM1,000 for Meena Kutti but he refused to sell her.

“Meena is one-of-a-kind and is always accurate in her predictions. Besides, she is a very loyal companion,” he said.

Sharing his experiences, Mohan said the younger generations were not interested in kili josiyam as they no longer believed in mystic arts.

“I learned the art of fortune-telling in Chennai, India, when I was 16 from my late father. These days, young people are more modern and no longer see fortune-telling as a viable skill or a lucrative trade,” he said.

Mohan previously offered his services in Jalan Bandar before relocating to Lebuh Ampang, where he gets about 10 to 20 customers daily. (ANI)

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