FIFA WC final referee Webb is the most hated man in Holland

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LONDON - Dutch and Spanish dailies have both criticized English referee Howard Webb for his performance in the July 11 World Cup final between The Netherlands and Spain.

In Holland, Webb has become the most hated man after handing out a record 15 cards against the Dutch and Spanish teams that contested the match.
An article in the AD Sportwereld said: “The Dutch national team perished in the World Cup final - thanks largely to a chump of a referee.
Dishing them out … Webb”It was a riveting battle, emerging through the tension but the Philistines were helped by Howard Webb, a controversial referee from England.

“He hopped across the pitch, handing out cards, each time preceding the act with an irritating address of the culprit.

The Sun quoted the daily as further saying: “The teams deserved a referee in top form but that was certainly not the case with Webb.

“Spain’s winning goal was understandably celebrated passionately by the Spaniards but the blunder by Webb which came before - he missed an obvious corner for Holland, took the shine off it, at least for the Dutch.”

One wrote: “In true Howard Webb style, the post-match talk is about him rather than the game. Webb, like most other premier league refs, applies a warped agenda to the games he referees.

“As an Englishman, I am embarrassed that our representative in the final fell for Spanish histrionics.”

Another added: “Mrs Webb knew what she was talking about when she was surprised to hear that hubbie Howard was appointed referee for the World Cup final - and said he can’t even control his own children. What a poor display by this referee. He is to blame for letting the game get completely out of hand.”
Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf noted: “The referee failed to calm the mood in 120 minutes.

“That he was booed at the final ceremony by both the Dutch and Spanish fans was significant.”

However, FIFA President Sepp Blatter has backed the former police sergeant.

Criticism of Webb also appeared in the Spanish media, whose members appeared not to have forgiven him for errors in the group stages.

In El Mundo Deportivo it said: “Holland were able to count on an unexpected ally: referee Howard ebb, who allowed the Dutch to get away with brutal fouls time and time again.

“Holland committed 28 fouls and the referee should have sent off De Jong for a karate kick on Xabi Alonso.

“(Wesley) Sneijder was also let off and Howard Webb failed to award a penalty for a Heitinga foul on Xavi.” (ANI)

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