Carl Edwards Wins Nationwide Dodge Dealers 250

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Sunday, July 18, 2010

MADISON ( There is no doubt about the fact that Carl Edwards on Saturday night made it clear that messing up with him will only lead to the opponent’s harm and in no way affect his situation. Carl Edwards did not mind bumping the Dodge of Brad Keselowski to win the race and get the checkered flag. He ruled the final lap and at the final straightaway sent the car of Brad Keselowski across the track to win the Nationwide Dodge Dealers 250. While Carl Edwards finished first, the second place was held by Reed Sorenson and the third by 19-year-old Trevor Bayne.

The Saturday night race that was held at the Gateway International Raceway got heated up from the beginning of the final lap. As the cars took the white flag Carl Edwards was leading ahead of Brad Keselowski by a slight distance. In the first turn it was Brad Keselowski who tried to go for a classic bump-and-run over move and bumped the left rear of the car of Carl Edwards. Carl Edwards however was able to control his car and continued the race unhindered. Brad Keselowski then got a lead and pushed to the front down the backstretch. However in the final lap to win the checkered flag Carl Edwards hit the back of Brad Keselowski’s Dodge which made his car rolling across the track and messing up with many more cars behind. Brad Keselowski’s car was hit head-on by the car of Shelby Howard.

After the win, Carl Edwards said that Brad Keselowski got the initial lead after hitting his car and that the win will only make the latter understand that he cannot get over by hitting the car of Carl Edwards. Brad Keselowski on his part said that the act in no way makes Carl Edwards a hero.

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