Teenage Dutch girl set to sail on solo round the world trip despite no wind in Portugal

By Filipe Bento, AP
Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dutch teenager set to sail on solo world trip

PORTIMAO, Portugal — Representatives for a 14 year-old Dutch sailor who is determined to become the youngest person to sail around the world solo say she is still set to depart from Portugal despite almost windless conditions.

Miranda Hoogenboom of Masmedia, the TV production company which will film the trip using remote cameras, says Laura Dekker is scheduled to begin her record attemp at an undetermined time on Saturday.

Child protection authorities have questioned the wisdom of allowing a child to take on the risk of sailing the world’s oceans alone, but Laura says she has the navigating skills and endurance of an adult.

Laura has not yet returned to Portimao marina, which is scheduled as her starting point, after spending Friday doing last-minute tests on new equipment with her father and manager aboard her boat.

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