Calculative Dolphins Trades Greg Camarillo

By Shaon, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MINNESOTA ( — The trade of Greg Camarillo is being perceived as a victory of economics over the spirit of the game. The hero of the Miami Dolphins, the athlete who single handedly revived the dwindling fortune of the team is all set to be traded off over to the Minnesota Vikings. The seemingly odd sign off breaks the illusion of NFL being a game of passion for the countless fans.

Tony Soprano, Coach of the Dolphins said that

We feel like we’re a better team or else we wouldn’t have done the deal and that’s not slighting Greg one way or the other. I’m sure Minnesota feels [it got better]. It’s about hard decisions, hard facts. Some days when you come to work, everyone thinks it’s fun to be in that seat. It’s not fun all the time.

This will probably disappoint a lot of the fans of the Dolphins will shiver at the thought of how it was able to trade off its greatest hero without batting an eyelid. The same Greg Camarillo who will always be remembered for the 64-yard overtime pass against Baltimore to save the Dolphin’s disastrous 2007 season. If he did not go through with the pass then the Dolphins would be the first club to post a win less season in NFL’s 16 seasons. Her may not have been the best in the business but he was most certainly a hero. Now only time will tell if the Dolphins credibility as a team would be hurt after this season is over.

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