Athletes take home saris, ‘very cheap’ gold, cell phones

By Robin Bansal, IANS
Saturday, October 16, 2010

NEW DELHI - They are flying back home with fond memories of the Commonwealth Games, and what are they taking for their families and friends? Going by the responses of athletes and officials who participated in the CWG, silk saris and “very cheap” gold as well as cell phones were among the items many picked up.

Gold prices in India have crossed the dizzying Rs.20,000 per 10 grams mark, but for the guests it was much cheaper than what it costs in their countries.

IANS spoke to some of the visitors:

Gabriel Eghennedji, Nigeria: I bought a lot of stuff from India like wrist watches, gold necklace, t-shirts and trousers. It is affordable here and the pricing is good. Gold is cheap in India than back home.

Samuel Samoei, medical personnel, Kenya: I bought a lot of saris, Indian suits for women (salwar kameez) with dupattas, scarves, Indian shoes (jootis), bags and a lot of small souvenirs from Dilli Haat. These are all unique and the things are affordable here.

Humphrey Kayange Emonji, Kenya: I bought a sari and an Indian suit for women (salwar kameez) for my mom and a khadi shirt for myself. I am taking these things for remembrance as these represent the culture of this country.

Leon Adongo, Kenya: I bought a suit for myself and a sari for my mom, and a khadi kurta for my dad.

Eric, Ghana: I went to the city and bought t-shirts and a bag for myself. I wanted to buy something cultural but couldn’t understand anything. I could have taken a sari but no one knows how to tie it back home.

Linda Matsebula, Swaziland: I bought a big Indian jewellry box with lots of stones and designs on it. It is beautiful. I also got sneakers, clothes and a cellphone. Everything is much better in pricing here.

Sothenbin Kublase, team official, Swaziland: I bought a very beautiful scarf with lots of colours and textures on it for myself. I noticed you people use a lot of colours like us.

Benedict Telovae, Solomon Islands: I bought a gold necklace, camera and a lot of mobile phones because all of it is very cheap here than back home. The gold that I bought here is so cheap than what it is priced there. I took it the moment I heard the price. There you get it at five times the price.

Teibane Teisalili, Solomon Islands: I bought a lot of gold like ear rings, chain and a necklace and plenty of silk saris for my mother and sisters. Both gold and silk is quite expensive back home and I found it pretty cheap here.

Paula Morris, team official from Jamaica: I bought some saris and cultural stuff. We want to remember India through things like these that are available here because it has been a great experience for us. India has been very great and we want to cherish the memories through these things.

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