Gadkari allegations diversionary tactics, says Congress

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NEW DELHI - The Congress Tuesday said Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Nitin Gadkari’s allegations over corruption in the Commonwealth Games were “diversionary tactics”.

The party added that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had already ordered a probe into the allegations of irregularities in the conduct of the mega event.

Apparently referring to income tax raids on BJP activist Sudhanshu Mittal, Congress spokesman Manish Tewari told reporters that Gadkari’s allegations during a press conference were like a diversionary tactic and the BJP chief was worried about the CWG probe reaching his aides.

Tewari said: “Gadkari is feeling intimidated as a large number of BJP leaders are in the ambit of investigation and probably he feels that the ambit may reach him.”

Gadkari had alleged that the cost escalation in Commonwealth Games projects had been approved by the prime minister’s office and the cabinet.

Tewari said: “The demeanour of the BJP president is like a spoilt child who would do anything to draw attention to himself. That’s why we don’t usually take him seriously. But today (Tuesday) he crossed all limits of irresponsibility.”

About the BJP demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into corruption charges relating to the Commonwealth Games, Tewari said it was a matter that pertained to the government.

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