S.African artists, designers to reinvent Vuvuzelas as earrings

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

LONDON - The much reviled and controversial plastic horns that were the highlight of this year’s football World Cup, Vuvuzela, are likely to be reinvented as earrings.

A panel of South African artists and designers chose earrings as the best reuse of the vuvuzela from more than 150 photographs, videos and sketches submitted to a vuvuzela recycling competition, The Telegraph reports.

Matt Blitz, the event organiser, said the group began taking submissions in July, after the World Cup football tournament ended.

Out of the seven judges, five voted for the earrings. The hoop earrings, created by Cape Town resident Megan Bernstein, consist of circular cross-sections of the long, hollow horn.

Other designs included toilet-paper holders, cocktail shakers and even fire-extinguisher hoses.

Blitz said the best 50 design ideas will be sold and exhibited nationally.

He said he and co-organiser Shaun McCormack were not fans of vuvuzelas before the World Cup.

“Then we fell in love with them during the World Cup, and instead of eradicating them it became a way to extend the life of vuvuzelas and keep them from landfills,” he said.

Blitz also said he hoped local artisans could interpret the earring design. (ANI)

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