Capello goes to war against England stars boozing culture

Monday, November 15, 2010

LONDON - England football team coach Fabio Capello has gone to war against the boozing culture that has become a habit with some of the squad’s stars.

Since taking over as England boss, the Italian could be forgiven for believing that the Premier League is beset by a drinking culture, that its multi-millionaire stars are running wild off the pitch.

According to The Sun, hardly a week passes without the graphic evidence being laid out in front of him through unwanted newspaper headlines and grainy, unflattering photographs, usually snatched from an opportunist’s mobile phone.

Capello recognizes a drinking culture exists in his adopted country, but on the eve of England’s tough Wembley examination against France he warns that there is no hiding place for his players.

Waving his mobile phone in the air, Capello warned: “You can know everything about what happens in someone’s life because of this. It can record all the time. It can take pictures. You can find everything on Facebook etc.

“This is the worst thing. Because of this people can speak about this person drinking or this person being out.”

Capello shared the frustration and disappointment of his fellow Italian Roberto Mancini, the Manchester City boss, when pictures emerged of England players Joe Hart and Adam Johnson being involved in a drinking spree in Scotland.

Capello added: “I saw the pictures. Mancini said they needed to change their lifestyles. Players have to be careful.

The consequences of a drink culture, insists the England boss, can impact later in a player’s career.

“If a player drinks a lot, his career will probably be shorter. This is important. The players have to understand the effect drink has on their bodies,” he said.

Alcohol is banned at England get-togethers. Capello confirmed. (ANI)

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