Trott won’t stop his ‘annoying’ crease ritual even if it drives bowlers mad

Saturday, November 20, 2010

LONDON - Jonathan Trott, who has been dubbed as England’s most controversial and annoying player, has said that he cannot understand what the fuss is about.

Trott is known for scratching the crease before each ball driving the opposition teams crazy. His non-stop banter and sledging with Pakistan last summer was capped with a physical fight with fast bowler Wahab Riaz.

Trott said he is a calm guy having a laid-back attitude and rarely falls out with anybody, The Sun reports.

He has no intention of speeding up his routine at the crease no matter how much verbal flak he receives from the Australian fielders.

“I go about business in my own way, preparing in a way that has been successful in the past. If people have a problem, they can speak to the umpire and he will have a word with me,” Trott said.

“It’s something that sticks out like a sore thumb because other guys don’t do it. But to me it’s not such a big deal. I never got stick for it in county cricket,” he said.

Trott’s methods work and, after a century on his Test debut against Australia in August 2009, he was England’s most consistent batsman last summer.

He scored 669 runs at 83.62 in Tests and 335 at 47.85 in one-day matches. (ANI)

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