Boycott urges England team to ‘kibosh Australia’ and retain Ashes in Perth

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LONDON - The Andrew Strauss-led England team must play to win, not draw, the third Test of the Ashes series against Australia, according to former England batsman Geoffrey Boycott.

England currently leads the five-match series 1-0, after winning the second Test at Adelaide by an innings and 71 runs.

“It is crucial we pick a team to win and don’t start the match by thinking a draw is all we need to get us closer to the Ashes,” Boycott wrote in an article for the Telegraph.

“It would be like a football team who begin the match with a point and defend and defend until the other side eventually score late in the game and they lose,” he added.

The 70-year-old further said that “discipline and a cool head” is important for the bowlers and England captain Strauss.

“We need to guard against negative thoughts because if you get into a defensive frame of mind it stunts your shot-playing ability, you become cautious and it inhibits clear thinking. You get too tense, it dulls the mind and you make poor decisions,” Boycott wrote.

“Once you play in a lethargic way, waiting for the match to end and get a draw, it is very difficult, in fact nearly impossible, to change gear if needed and become positive.”

“The best thing is not to go there. Stay upbeat. Try to win another Test and then the Ashes are ours. Try to kibosh Australia here in Perth,” he added. (ANI)

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