“Jets Coach Trips Player Video” Marks Coach’s Suspension

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NEW YORK CITY (GaeaTimes.com)- Right now, the biggest search on the internet, is the video that displays the notorious act of Sal Alosi, where he is shown tripping the Miami corner back Nolan Carroll, while the latter was attempting to cover a punt in the third quarter of the game. The video deservingly assumed the name of “Jets Coach Trips Player Video” today, as most of the people are searching for it by this keyword.

Nevertheless, the “Jets Coach Trips Player Video” yielded yet another unfortunate, but correct consequence. As it illustrated his crime with a strong proof, Sal Alosi has been suspended as the strength and conditioning coach of New York Jets for the remainder of the season. He also had to pay a fine of $25,000. General Manager of New York Jets, Mike Tannenbaum, took this well appreciated decision yesterday. He said that suspension of the coach was the appropriate decision taken on behalf of the team. He also added that the team would like to take the full responsibility of the act without any interference on the part of NFL. The team is holding Sal Alosi accountable for his actions. Dicky Maegle, the former defensive back of Dallas Cowboys said that he should not be taken back into the team for this season and also the upcoming year. According to him, although Nolan Carroll was not hurt, one cannot assure that he would not have been hurt at all.

Sal Alosi, after hearing the decision understood the severity of his actions and apologized to all parties involved in the incident, revealed some sources. However, one cannot deny that the “Jets Coach Trips Player Video” has already maligned his reputation and might block the prospects of his career as a coach in the future too.

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