New york jets

Mark Sanchez Had Sex With A 17 Year Old Girl?
NEW YORK ( Mark Sanchez, the quarterback of New York Jets has been accused of having sex with a 17 year old girl.
Mark Sanchez Picks Nose, In Public View
LOS ANGELES ( Mark Sanchez managed to gain a huge lot of publicity during the game of the New York Jets against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Martina McBride: Steelers’ Lucky Charm?
PITTSBURGH, ( Martina McBride pumped up the spirit of the AFC finals, between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Jets, as she inaugurated the much awaited football event with her melodious voice.
Pittsburgh Steelers VS New York Jets 2011 AFC Results
PITTSBURGH ( Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday lashed back an appropriate answer to the New York Jets who are known for their tough- talking.
Ines Sainz Supports New York Jets
NEW YORK ( The reporter of Mexico's Azteca channel, Ines Sainz has given an interview to a reputed magazine, where she said that she hold no grudges against New York Jets anymore.
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