Ines Sainz Supports New York Jets

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Thursday, January 13, 2011

NEW YORK ( The reporter of Mexico’s Azteca channel, Ines Sainz has given an interview to a reputed magazine, where she said that she hold no grudges against New York Jets anymore. This comment comes months after the controversy surrounding the accusations and complains against the New York Jets players by the reporter herself. Back in 2010 September Ines Sainz complained that she faced sexual harassment at the locker room of the team when she went to take an interview of their quarterback Mark Sanchez.

In her recent interview, Ines Sainz told a reputed media outlet that she supports New York Jets team as they have the best chances of winning this Super Bowl. Speaking about the players of the team, the gorgeous Mexican reporter said that the players of New York Jets are like movie stars. The reporter meant to say that New York Jets team has the ability to come out with flying colors in a game, when everybody loses their hope and feels that the team will lose. Ines Sainz said that New York Jets will be able to win this weekend’s game against New York Patriots as well.

Ines Sainz created headlines last September, when she complained about the New York Jets players and expressed her disappointment in the homepage of her social networking site. The reporter complained that she was subjected catcalls, whistles and sneering looks at the locker room of the team. Later, the owner of New York Jets, Woody Johnson apologized to the reporter for the unruly behavior of the members of his team. In her recent interview, Ines Sainz said that she never expected that last September’s incident would get so much attention.

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