Jenson Button’s father ‘forgot where he parked Ferrari 550 Maranello’

Thursday, January 20, 2011

LONDON - Former Formula One champion Jenson Button’s father sparked a Ferrari theft alert on the Italian Riviera, only to realise that he had forgotten where he parked it.

John Button had reported the 550 Maranello stolen after telling police that he parked it outside his hotel in the town of Alassio.

About 24 hours later, police called to say that the 150,000 pound car had been found in a neighbouring town, Laigueglia.

John eventually admitted that he had confused Alassio with Laigueglia, which has an almost identical layout and lies less than a mile along the coast.

“It’s all a bit embarrassing, but the roads that lead into Alassio and Laigueglia are almost identical, even the railings look the same, and they both have a fork in them,” the Daily Telegraph quoted John, as saying.

“Funnily enough it was not the loss of the car that upset me, it was the thought that I might have lost a camera with some amazing shots from a trip to Kyoto. I know I’m going to get a bit of ribbing over the whole thing,” he added.

John was staying at the five-star Grand Hotel Mediterranee, where Jenson celebrated his 31st birthday on Wednesday. (ANI)

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