Hurley-Warne romance mere publicity stunt for ageing stars?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SYDNEY - It seems the infamous Liz Hurley-Shane Warne romance is nothing but a publicity gimmick to generate interest in two ageing celebrities with doubtful career prospects, suggests an Oz columnist.

Andrew Hornery who writes ‘Private Sydney’ gossip column in The Sydney Morning Herald has raised doubts over the romance that has been brewing between Hurley and Warne.

To back his claims, he said that surely something fishy was going on when Warne, with a 200-strong media pack camped outside his home, asked the masses via Twitter where he should take his squeeze on a hot lunch date.

Also, when News of the World reported Warne and Hurley were locked away for 11 hours of unbridled passion in a suite at the Bentley Hotel in South Kensington, they failed to disclose that a video cameraman and three photographers were outside.

The News of the World video also showed the pair standing in a glass vestibule fully exposed to public view at the hotel. Hurley, who coincidentally owns a TV production company, pounced on Warne and planted a lingering kiss, apparently unperturbed by the blinding flashbulbs going off all about them.

They were at it again in LA, when they chose not-so-very private places including Santa Monica Boulevard to repeat their slobbering performance for the cameras.

When Hurley, clutching an unidentified furball looking suspiciously similar to Warne’s famously reconstructed blond thatch, landed in Melbourne on, it was her publicist/bodyguard who came out first to make sure the photographers were ready for her ‘arrival’. (ANI)

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