Famous goldsmith creates millimeter-sized cricket ground replica in Rajasthan

Sunday, February 13, 2011

UDAIPUR - Iqbal Sakka, a famous goldsmith in Rajasthan, has created a miniature replica of cricket ground made out of 200 milligrams of gold in dedication to the Indian team for the upcoming World Cup.

The cricket ground replica measuring five-millimeter (mm) consists of gold miniatures of bat, ball, wickets and the World Cup trophy.

The detailing of the minute replica can be most appreciated only under a magnifying glass.

Sakka claims that his creation of miniature World Cup trophy is the smallest miniature made in the world.

“I have made the world’s smallest World Cup replica in gold of the size of just two millimeter (mm). Beside that I have made the entire cricket ground. The cricket ground has been coloured green, on which are placed a one mm sized bat, 0.2 mm ball, and a pitch of length three mm,” Sakka said.

“Accordingly I have put three-three wickets on both sides of the pitch on which are placed the four stumps; one of the stumps seems flying in the air. In entire five mm I have made the entire cricket ground,” he added.

Sakka also said that he wishes to gift the replica to the Indian team in case they win the World Cup.

Sakka has been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records along with other awards for his gold miniatures artifacts. (ANI)

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