World Cup needs oomph factor to recapture its luster: Roebuck

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SYDNEY - Noted cricket columnist Peter Roebuck reckons that the 50-over World Cup needs oomph to recapture its luster, as “far from improving with every edition, it seems to be getting worse”.

“World Cups are supposed to identify the strongest team on the planet, and they ordinarily serve that purpose. It’s a bit different in cricket because 50-over matches are not regarded as the supreme form of the game. Test cricket fulfils that role. Accordingly, cricket’s World Cup is slightly artificial,” Roebuck said in his syndicated column for the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Unfortunately, recent World Cups have fallen foul of boycotts, sterility, longevity and numerous other weaknesses. Far from improving with every edition, it seems to be getting worse. Perhaps this year’s installment will break the pattern. Perhaps it will rejuvenate a nation,” he added.

Roebuck however believes that the beauty of sport will help the participating countries to rewrite history, saying that “the past is an open book and the future is an empty page.”

“The wider public knows little of these subtleties, and victors are acclaimed in the same way as in rugby, hockey or football. Luckily, various nations have lifted the trophy, and the list of winners reflects the diversity of the game,” Roebuck wrote.

“Despite its colonial limitations, cricket is a melting pot of colours and faiths, and ought to recognize the opportunity presented by its history. Indeed, it ought to present itself not as a game constantly trying to cool tempers, but as a miracle of toleration,” he added. (ANI)

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