Love for the game or for the heck of it? Rs.500 for Rs.250 ticket

Sunday, February 13, 2011

BANGALORE - If cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties, its fans can be more unpredictable, coughing up twice the amount for a ticket even if it is a mere warm-up match.

They did in their dozens at the Chinnaswamy stadium here Sunday, shelling out Rs.500 for a Rs.250 ticket to watch India-Australia warm up game ahead of the World Cup beginning Feb 19.

The Rs.250 ticket was the lowest priced for the day-night show. Those who could afford it paid Rs.500 for the ticket, twice the price.

The black-market or illegal sale went on as dozens of Bangalore city police personnel looked on, apparently trying to be “sportive” to help the crazy or passionate fans than becoming “spoilsports” by enforcing the law.

The brisk sale of tickets by touts out to make a quick buck by cashing in on the craze went on even after India had made a poor start.

And those coughing up double the amount for the ticket knew how the game was proceeding inside. They were constantly on their cell phones, either talking or texting and shouting out the scores to their friends nearby even while bargaining over the price.

“We could not buy the tickets from the counters or online and we don’t want to miss the fun of being in the stadium,” said one.

“The game has just begun. Who knows Indians might still explode and bat and bowl well,” said the other.

Asked for names and what they do, they shouted “We can give you any name, isn’t it” as they ran to the gates not to miss any more action.

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