New York Jets Beats Indianapolis Colts By 17-16
INDIANAPOLIS ( Last night, the New York Jets successfully paved their way for the AFC semi-finals after they clinched victory against the Indianapolis Colts beating them by a score of 17-16.
San Diego Chargers Win Last Night’s NFL Fight
INDIANAPOLIS ( Last night turned out to be extremely depressing for the Indianapolis Colts fans after the home team lost its match against the San Diego Chargers.
Vincent Jackson Leaves Early
INDIANAPOLIS ( Sunday's match between San Diego Chargers and Indianapolis Colts saw San Diego Chargers's Vincent Jackson take an early leave from the game, after he complained of a calf injury.
Pat McAfee Suspended
INDIANAPOLIS ( Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee has been suspended by his team for a game due to his involvement in a public intoxication incident that was considered to be detrimental to the team, team president Bill Polian confirmed on Wednesday.

Things could start getting sorted out in the NFC Least, uh, East, this Sunday as all four teams in the league's most disappointing group play non-divisional games.
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