With NFL’s uncertain labor situation, Colts take first step to union decertification

By Michael Marot, AP
Friday, September 17, 2010

Colts vote unanimously to decertify union

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts have voted unanimously to decertify the NFL Players Association so players can sue the league in case there is a lockout next year.

Pro Bowl center Jeff Saturday, the team’s player rep, said the vote was held Wednesday and that he expected to see nearly unanimous support from the other 31 teams, too.

Decertifying the union could give players the right to sue the league under antitrust laws if owners lock them out when the collective bargaining agreement expires in March.

The Colts vote is primarily procedural since no immediate action is expected from the union. By voting now, the union can avoid the logistical nightmare of tracking down players for a vote and signatures during the offseason.

The NFL declined comment Friday.

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