Minnesota twins

Mark Teixeira Pulls Of Win
Minneapolis (GaeaTimes.com)- Mark Teixeira proved yet again that he has the true New York Yankee spirit as he pulled off a homer at a crucial moment in the game against Minnesota Twins.
Jim Thome Shines In 10th Inning
MINNEAPOLIS (GaeaTimes.com)- In what was one of the most dramatic finishes in recent baseball history, Jim Thome hit a 2 run homer to edge past the Chicago White Sox extending their lead to four games.
Matt Capps Moves to Minnesota Twins
MINNESOTA (GaeaTimes.com) -- Matt Capps is all set to move over to Minnesota Twins this season.
Joel Zumaya Injured Badly
SAINT PAUL (GaeaTimes.com)- Detroit Tigers found it hard to celebrate after their crucial win on Monday due to the injury of their ace reliever Joel Zumaya.

MINNEAPOLIS - The Metrodome was a clear boost for the Minnesota Twins: friendly bounces on the turf, lost fly balls by bewildered opponents, and that roof-amplified roar of the crowd.
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