UK PM defends evacuation of Brits from Libya

Thursday, February 24, 2011

DOHA - British Prime Minister David Cameron has defended the attempted evacuation of British nationals in Libya and attacked homophobia in football.

Cameron insisted that getting Brits stranded in Libya home is his top priority and that officials at the Foreign Office are working round the clock to make it happen.

He also said he had no doubt Iran wants to build a nuclear weapon and if the country continues on its current course it will end up “with no friends, no money, nowhere to go”.

Quizzed on whether Qatar is the right country to host the World Cup in 2022 given its hostility to gay relationships, Sky News quoted Cameron as saying that there is no place in football for homophobia.

He also expressed a hope that in the same way football has been a force for positive change in combatting racism, it might contribute to greater liberalism for homosexual couples.

Two issues - Libya and the Israeli/ Palestinian peace process, dominated the “PM Direct” event, which Mr Cameron held at Qatar University. (ANI)

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