Fury over UEFA’s sky-high ticket prices for Champions League final

Friday, February 18, 2011

LONDON - Football fans are furious after UEFA revealed that the cheapest tickets on general sale for the Champions League final at Wembley on May 28 will be a staggering 150 pounds each - the most expensive ever.

UEFA has announced that 11,000 seats will be available for neutral supporters, and they will be placed in three different categories.

The lowest price for the category is 150 pounds, the middle tier is at 225 pounds and the highest price for the neutral category is 300 pounds. On top of these charges, there is a fixed administration fee of 26 pounds.

“To ask fans to fork out between 150 and 300 pounds for a single match ticket is absolutely outrageous,” the Daily Express quoted Michael Brunskill, spokesman for the Football Supporters’ Federation, as saying. The price has almost doubled in one year. And that’s before we even get started on the 26 pounds admin fee, which is the cherry on top of a pretty disgusting cake,” he added.

Earlier, Competitions Director for UEFA, Giorgio Marchetti, had said that the tickets were priced suitably.

“They are based on the type of event and when you compare it to other events, we don’t think that the Champions League final is overpriced,” Marchetti had said. (ANI)

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