I will evolve my own style of functioning: Amin

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BARODA - The new Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman Chirayu Amin Tuesday played down comparisons with his charismatic predecessor Lalit Modi, saying \”flamboyancy\” has nothing to do with cricket and he would evolve his own style of working.

Amin was Monday made the interim chairman of the cash-rich IPL after the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) suspended Modi in a midnight coup, shortly after the IPL final.

Amin, in his first press conference as IPL chairman, said he has his own style of working and he would see that cricket affairs are managed in the most \”transparent\” manner.

\”I have my own working style which I will evolve over a period of time quickly. You can manage a business in differrent styles, everyone has their own style. I believe in professional management and will have a strong team.

\”We have IMG (International Management Group) and we are paying them a huge amount and we will restructure it (deal with IMG). Flamboyancy has nothing to do with cricket. If you provide cricket in a right format, it will flourish,\” Amin shot back when asked how he would match up to Modi\’s persona.

\”Our job is to manage the affairs of IPL in a most transparent manner and make sure we have clarity about transparency, that we take care of the interest of people who are the owners, the cricket loving people, take care of the interests of players and our stakleholders, that is our franchises.\”

Amin said the cleaning process in the IPL has already started.

\”The job of cleaning up has already started and that will be done because it is BCCI who is responsible and they are doing the needful,\” he said.

\”Everyday the government is asking for series of documents and we are trying to provide it.\”

\”I, however, have nothing to do with the cleaning up, my priority is to sail the ship and manage the interest of cricket, the players and IPL stakeholders. Let me first undestand what is required to be done.\”

The Baroda Cricket Association president said the recent developments will have no impact on the IPL and that the next edition will be even better.

\”Nothing will change in IPL 4, it will go on as scehduled and it will be bigger and better.

\”The cricket loving people of India and world won\’t be disappointed, the show will go on. Cricket is the most important thing, no one one can deter or stop the populatrity of the game.\”

Amin, however, said he will ensure that the IPL night parties, which have come under the scanner, are not there in the next season.

\”I do not know about the cheerleaders but IPL nights will be stopped for sure.\”

On Modi\’s latest tweet which says he is still the IPL chairman, Amin said: I don\’t know what he means by saying he is the IPL chairman, just suspended.\”

\”I am the chairman of IPL, it is not a question of being the full time or part time.\”

Amin said he did not think that Modi has been made a scapegoat.

\”I can\’t say that he has been made the scapegoat. There are lots of allegations against him and a showcause notice has been sent to him. Let us see what he has to say.\”

Amin said the post of IPL chairman was \”thrusted\” on him, but now that he has accepted he would do his best.

\”It\’s a tough job, I was not ready to take it, it was thrusted upon me and ulitmately they prevailed over me. But now that i have accepted it, I have taken it seriously. I have never asked for anything in my life. I supported no one, I supported fair and clean administration.

\”My job has just started and I am getting involved in it. I am sure over a period of time I will shortly get the details.\”

Amin said the IPL brand is strong enough to come out unscathed by the recent developments.

\”The management of IPL is under the radar but the cricketing aspect of IPL is not under any clout. No one can touch the brand. The image is so strong that it cannot be changed.\”

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