MLB Drafts 2010: No Major Surprises

By Ronee Roy, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

mlb10boxSAN FRANCISCO ( Quite a few surprises were seen in the Major League Baseball (MLB) Drafts this year as a number of high-school students were picked quite early by the teams. Though the players are not expected to make the majors in the next couple of years, the team will undertake the grooming process of the youngsters and in little time the exciting prospects will turn into formidable players for the team.

The first overall pick was Bryce Harper by the Washington Nationals. The 6′3″ catcher is touted as the ‘Lebron James of Baseball’. He is presently a catcher for The College of Southern Nevada but the team officials are hopeful about him maturing into a good outfielder. As a client of Scott Boras, Bryce Harper might just be an expensive choice if he develops only as a catcher. The second overall pick is the 18 year old 6′7″ Jameson Taillon who went to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The young high-school student is reputed to have a great curve ball and a fast ball that reportedly hit 99mph. This right handed pitcher, who plays presently for Woodlands high School In Texas’ is one of the most exciting prospects in the MLB Drafts 2010. The third pick was short stop Manny Machado. He dominated the under 18 tournament and was picked by the Baltimore Orioles.

Apart from these three future prospects in the MLB the Drafts included some other youngsters who have everything in them to make it big. The No.4 selection was Christian Colon who is probably the most polished infielder amongst the drafts and is expected to be the first to start playing in the major. 21 year old Drew Pomeranz from Mississippi was the fifth draft picked up, and he went to the Cleveland Indians.

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