Malaysians’ sex lives not affected by World Cup

Friday, July 9, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR - A survey has shown that despite staying up late to watch the World Cup matches, the sex lives of Malaysians have not been affected.

The Star-Adidas Loudest Noise Survey found that only 2 percent of those who answered “Yes” said they quarrelled with their spouse or partner because of the matches and only 1 percent said their sex life was affected.

The findings were in contrast to a news report in Singapore last month where a urologist said the World Cup fever could affect the sex lives of football fans, the Star Online reported.

The urologist stated that men would secrete more testosterone and adrenaline as the tournament progressed, and that there was a higher chance of husbands having sex with their wives if their team won.

Now in the current survey, conducted between July 1 and July 8, 61 percent of the respondents said they stayed up to watch the 2.30am matches, 32 percent watched only the 7.30pm and 10pm matches while 7 percent did not watch any.

From those who did, 17 percent watched all the matches and 37 percent only picked the interesting ones.

Asked if their family relationships or personal lifestyle had been affected because of the matches, only 13 percent answered “Yes” while the rest either watched it with their family or planned around the family schedule.

On sleeping habits, 5 percent said they woke up late for work while 7 percent actually slept earlier to catch the 2.30am matches.

Only 7 percent of the respondents took leave, days off, sick leave or emergency leave to watch the matches.

Almost 70 percent of the respondents watched the matches at home while 31 percent watched it at food outlets. (ANI)

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