Fan Andres Iniesta invites Kasabian for ‘mad night out in Barcelona’

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LONDON - Spanish midfielder Andres Iniesta has issued an invitation to British Indie Rock band Kasabian to join his team on ‘a mad night out in Barcelona’.

Iniesta, 26, who led the Spanish team to victory at the FIFA World Cup, said that he wants to thank the band for helping them win in South Africa.

“I am thanking everybody who helped us win the World Cup,” the Sun quoted the footballer as saying.

“Kasabian were a big inspiration in the dressing room. Their Club Foot has been our choice of song before we run out for about a year now. I want to say a big thank you to them, I want to offer them something.

“I want to invite them as my guests to come and watch the world’s greatest football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Camp Nou.

“I will even sort it for them to come and have a kickaround on the pitch the day before.

“We can go out and have a mad night in Barcelona and celebrate the World Cup win properly.

“They haven’t got to worry about hotels, I am in the mood for sharing.

“They can come and stay at my house so I can show them my World Cup medal and we can have a couple of beers round my pool.

“Greatest band in the world, on behalf of Spain, I want to say thank you. Not just thank you, we love you!” he added. (ANI)

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