Jwala Gutta And Azharuddin : Friendship Or Love?

By Mayuri, Gaea News Network
Friday, July 23, 2010

Jwala Gutta

Md. Azharuddin
MUMBAI, India (Gaeatimes.com) — Former Indian captain, Md.Azharuddin is reportedly dating Jwala Gutta, one of the best womens doubles badminton player in India.

According to reports, Azharuddin has separated from his second wife, Sangita Bijlani, a former Bollywood actress. And now they are going to file a divorce next week. On the other hand, Jwala Gutta, 26 is married to Chatan Anand, India’s top ranked badminton player.

More interestingly, the report tells that Azharuddin was spotted at Asia Badminton Championship with her new girlfriend, Jwala. The couple were enjoying the match together. While asked on the matter, the former Indian cricket captain, has completely denied the fact. He said that it’s all rumors, while his new found love, Jwala is shocked at this allegation. Her husband, Chetan clarifies it as rumor too.

Jwala Gutta, on interviewing, discloses that she knows Azharuddin’s family for eight years and this type of rumors will not affect her friendship with Azharuddin. Now the question arises, is it only love or something more than that?

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