Watch Chivas vs Manchester United Game Streaming Online

By Mayuri, Gaea News Network
Saturday, July 31, 2010


GUADALJARA, MEXICO ( - The soccer fans now have enough reasons to cheer. Now they can watch Chivas vs Manchester United Soccer Live streaming online. Manchester United, the world’s most famous soccer team came to Guadaljara in Mexico on 30th July for the inauguration of the new omnilife stadium, Estadio Chivas.

As a part of the inauguration ceremony, the people of Mexico witnessed an exciting game between the Chivas and the Manchester United. The game had a kickoff time of 45minutes which was entirely covered by ESPN.

You can watch former player of the Chivas, Jaview Hernandez aka Chicharito wearing the red shirt and playing against the Chivas, for the first time. The opening of this new stadium has already sent the city buzzing. All the credits goes to Chivas owner, Jorge Vergara who took much toil in bringing The Manchester United to the city along with special stars around the world like Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs.

Watch the Chivas vs Manchester United live online in perfect HD quality right now. Set your heart go racing by watching the exciting highlights of the game.

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