Brandon Spikes Nude Video Leaked!

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO ( It is not uncommon to see explicit sex tapes involving unsuspecting people appearing in the web without their knowledge. The advent of technology and internet has made privacy a mockery in many aspects of life. However, when such a thing happens with a reputed player it can turn out to be bad. Brandon Spikes the former Florida Gators star and a Patriots linkbacker is now hogging the limelight for such a sex tape. A video which reportedly has the player nude and in a seriously compromising position along with a stranger is now out in the web. What’s more the screenshots of the explicit video is also out in the internet. This is shocking and sensational news and for the club and the player it can turn out to be damaging. The star is reportedly without any dress in the video and the woman is also in very skimpy outfits.

However, there is some confusion regarding the fact that the player was in the video. Some people think the man is a lookalike of Brandon Spikes. However, one has to admit that the man in the video looks really very similar to the star and he has a similar tattoo on his body as well. The video is not unclear or chopped as such. So far neither the club nor the player has said anything on this issue.

Brandon Spikes was reportedly in a hotel room with the woman when the video was captured. It is not clear who had shot the video and why he published it online.

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