Is Rafael Nadal the Greatest Player of this Era?

By Chandrajit, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NEW YORK ( — As soon as Rafael Nadal became the youngest man to complete the career grand slam, the debate started regarding who is the best man of modern times. It’s time to revisit the debate regarding who is the best among all.

Federer can be chosen as the person next to Rafael as the second best player of this era. An evening at the Arthur Ashe Stadium saw many admirers of Federer, as he was regarded as the best across generations. Rafael Nadal has just joined the legends of this era. There are only seven people regarded as the legends of the Nadal era. They are Britain’s Fred Perry, Australia’s Rod Laver and Roy Emerson, America’s Don Budge and Andre Agassi, Switzerland’s Federer and now the 24 year-old from Majorca.

Based on these diverse thoughts provoked by the critics, Nadal comments that it is completely a “stupid” thing to argue whether he is greater than Federer or not.

We will see what happens in the future,

Nadal said.

The fact is that no one can predict the future. A sportsman has always ups and downs in his career. Rafael Nadal is too young to decide whether he is the best or not. It depends on how he carries his game in the years to come.

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